Get In The Mud

Get In The Mud

Author: Pastor Kan’Dace L. Brock, Lead Pastor
September 01, 2020

During training on working with victims of trauma, I heard an intriguing thought. The presenter encouraged each of us to “Get in the mud (with the counselee).” The presenter further explained that it is necessary to get on their level, “get in the mud” as a means of letting them know you are meeting them where they are on their journey toward healing.

We have many examples of Jesus getting  “in the mud.” Throughout the New Testament, we witness Jesus meeting people where they were. Jesus met the woman at the well, He healed the woman with the issue of blood, He went to Nicodemus’ house for dinner, and He called Peter to walk on water. In each of these encounters, Jesus met the person where they were. Jesus did not talk down to them. Nor did Jesus make them feel less than, even though He knew their backgrounds. Jesus “got in the mud.” And Jesus paid the ultimate price of getting in the mud when He died on the cross for you and me. In Jesus’ willingness to get in the mud, each person He encountered had a life-changing experience. I ask the question, “Who are you willing to get in the mud with today? Who are you willing to get on the same level as to assist them in living their best life?”

Food for Thought: Jesus “got in the mud for you.” Why not allow Jesus to use you to get in the mud for someone else. Don’t be afraid to get in the mud. Your willingness to empathize could remind someone that Jesus loves them and is willing to meet them where they are.